Final Fantasy XIV Ranged and Melee Classes Explanation

Final Fantasy XIV Ranged and Melee Classes Explanation

FFXIV is an excellent game full of wonders and one of those wonders for the newbies is how actually melee and ranged classes work. Well this article explains just that and it will help you decide upon choosing a class and style of play. So let’s go down and find out about choosing a class in FFXIV between Ranged and Melee. Besides the tips you should have, the ffxiv gil you needed also for your playing.

Archer – Most mobile of the Ranged DPS… until level 52. Has no real rotation, instead attacks on action priority. Its Job (Bard) is support and DPS. This is currently one my two mains, because I find it satisfying to stand from afar and unload on enemies with my arrows.

The rest of the classes are all magic users/casters, which require you to stand still to cast spells.

Arcanist – Can easily regain Magic Points, is very mobile and heavily relies on Damage Over Time spells and has a pet to assist them with direct damage. Micromanaging the pet is recommended in the higher levels.

Thaumaturge – EXPLOOOOOSION!! Outputs high damage and can easily regain MP, by switching to Blizzard spells after expending their MP on Fire. Overall, it’s a fun class especially if you like seeing big DPS numbers.

Pugilist – Punchy punchy. Relies heavily on positionals to maximize damage – ie: some attacks do more damage from the side, others from the back. Constantly moving to the side then the back then the side again, all while still attacking, keeping your buff up, staying in melee range and dodging attacks is almost too much for me honestly.

Lancer – Nowhere near as positional-reliant as Pugilist, but can get animation-locked, making you unable to move until the animation finishes, which if you’re standing in the path of an incoming attack, is not good.

Rogue – Requires you have another class at level 10 or higher and be in Limsa Lominsa, but the story takes you there anyway. It can be hectic in the later levels, because have a lot of actions you have to do in battle.

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