How to Master Crafting in Final Fantasy XIV

How to Master Crafting in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV takes a different approach to crafting. In most MMORPGs, crafting is a simple straightforward activity. Players just select the desired item and click a button to obtain it. In Final Fantasy XIV crafting is just like playing a class. Players need to achieve level 10 with a combat class before they are allowed to become disciples of the land or disciples of the hand. The first discipline refers to gathering and the second one to crafting. There are eight crafting professions and three gathering disciplines. Players are advised to pick up a gathering profession that allows them to obtain crafting materials. Solely relying on the auction house to obtain materials is pretty expensive. Final Fantasy XIV is a game in which disciples of war and magic don’t earn much money so leveling two complementary professions is the way to go.

Players change into their crafting or gathering class just by switching their weapon for a tool. Once this is done they will notice a new set of abilities and skills on the action bar. The core features on which the crafting system is based are the same for all disciplines of the hand. These are durability, progress, condition, quality and crafting points. Players will see them when they open the crafting interface. These notions are a bit hard to understand at first especially for players that are used to a simpler crafting system.

The crafting interface displays recipes. When a recipe is selected, the needed materials are shown. If players have enough of them they can press synthesize to begin the crafting process. Crafting points are the resource spent when crafting. They’re just like mana for spell casting. Progress measures the completion level of a crafted item. Crafting is successful when progress reaches 100%. This is done by performing Touch abilities. Durability refers to the consumption of the crafting materials. Actions that boost progress decrease durability. The goal is to reach 100% progress before durability reaches 0. Quality allows players to obtain high quality items. This chance can be increased with specific abilities. Quality depends on the Control attribute. Condition improves the performance of the Touch abilities. More items of the same type can be created in bulk by using quick synthesize.

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