Final Fantasy XIV – Labyrinth of the Ancients Guide

Final Fantasy XIV – Labyrinth of the Ancients Guide

Bone Dragon is the first fight in Final Fantasy XIV Labyrinth of the Ancients. This is a three phase encounter where players have to deal with the boss and adds. The boss is tanked in the middle of the room. The skeleton adds should be killed on three separate platforms before reaching the boss. The floating eyes adds can be ignored by the DPS players but still tanked.

Atomos is the second fight. Players will form three groups with each group standing on a different colored platform. The boss doesn’t need tanking, tanks have to worry about positioning adds so DPS can reach them.

Thanatos encounter requires constant movement. The boss can only receive damage from players that have a certain buff. Three friendly monsters give these buffs to random players. Those who have the buff should focus the boss while the others will protect the friendly monsters from adds. Keeping the friendly mobs alive is top priority in this fight. Players will switch targets based on when they receive or lose the buffs.

Allagan Bomb boss can be damaged only after players have killed all the adds. There are three types of adds. The kill order is the following: napalm, balloon and sword.

King Behemoth is another encounter where adds have priority over the boss. Players will notice some towers in the room, when these begin to glow they have to be activated preferably by a healer or ranged. Players with the green marker have to drop the comet at a designated location. When the boss does its AOE ability, all players will hide behind the comet. All adds have to be killed as soon as they spawn.

Phlegethon is the last encounter in LotA Final Fantasy XIV raid. The mechanics are not complicated but there is a ton of damage involved and abilities that can instantly kill players. Three adds will spawn. After they are killed they will create a barrier that protects players against Phlegethon’s Ancient Flare. Damage ramps up as the fight progresses so this boss has to go down pretty quickly. Final fantasy xiv gil( ) is also a great items for players to buy their desired items.