Final Fantasy XIV Beginner Tips

Final Fantasy XIV Beginner Tips

Some tips for new Final Fantasy XIV players concerning rested XP buff, priority quests, FATEs, social interaction and how to avoid damage.

Log out in a Sanctuary. This will apply a buff that gives 50% more XP when doing various activities like killing mobs. The duration of the buff scales with the time spent in a place that has an aetheryte teleport. Players can also consume food that gives an XP increasing buff among other benefits.

Check FATE completion progress and remaining time. Before traveling to a FATE make sure to check its completion level that is shown as a percentage and the time left to complete it. This is easily done by moving the cursor above the FATE’s name on the map. It is possible for a FATE to end before you get there and that would be a waste of time.

Focus on completing story quests. Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG with mandatory story quests. Players cannot access certain areas if they have not completed required story quests. As a beginner, story quests take priority over any other kinds of quests.

It’s ok to miss some quests. Don’t waste time on low level quests. The XP gain is not that helpful and there are better ways of getting level appropriate gear. Quests in Final Fantasy XIV can be completed only once with a character. If you plan on leveling multiple jobs on the same character it’s ok to leave some quests for another time.

Find a beginner friendly free company. Final Fantasy XIV community is regarded as friendly and helpful with new players. Veteran players can help out with questions regarding the game. Before signing up for a duty don’t forget to ask in the free company chat if someone else wants to join.

Move out of the red areas. This indicates the area of effect of a damaging ability performed by an opponent. Taking damage from monsters on the world map won’t kill you that fast but in a dungeon is important to avoid as much damage as you can. This goes for tanks as well. Sometimes it only takes a quick step to move out of the AOE range of an offensive ability. Just make sure not to turn the mobs towards the group. As we all know the ffxiv gil is the most important items for game playing, when you have enough them, you will have the chance to buy the better weapons, to learn the good skill and to rank up in a short time, that is a great items for final fantasy xiv playing.