Tips for Madden NFL 17 Newcomers

Tips for Madden NFL 17 Newcomers

Last time we focus on the main aspects of the game, such as the roster, the passes and interceptions. Keep in mind what you trained the last time and apply the following tips. Let´s start!

Sliding is a very useful movement

The sliding option is very neglected and overlooked because it is difficult to control and is not shown on the game controls page. Sliding is a handy move for the Quarterbacks as their function is to dodge players who are approaching. To perform the move, you must press both triggers and X or square (depending on the console) to start the slide.

Skills training

Skills training is a great way to learn the different formations in Madden NFL 17. It is packed with advanced attack, defense, movement and more tutorials. Be sure to check it out!

Change of Play

Instead of choosing any play, it is important to take a little time to anticipate and read the playing field. If you feel that something can go wrong, change the play on specific occasions. In times when running can´t work for enemy defense, switching to a pass play can help. The audible menu allows you to alter the movement paths of the characters by adjusting the line of men.

Practice a lot

This is something you may not find useful, but is worth it to remember it. If you want to become a better player, you need to practice every time you can, so the plays, the movements and everything you learnt continue as fresh as possible.

Besides the above tips you should know when you playing, you also know that the madden nfl 17 coins are also you needed for your playing, which can help you to get the better players and the better teams.