NBA Live Mobile – Make sure to complete these sets before the Flashbacks program ends

NBA Live Mobile - Make sure to complete these sets before the Flashbacks program ends

Flashback Packs and Flashback Players are two categories of NBA Live Mobile sets that can be completed during the Flashbacks program.

NBA Live Mobile Flashback program is underway and players are invited to check out the new sets. Items that are spent to complete the sets are obtained from live events and also from packs.

The Flashback Packs category has two sets. The Flashback Elite Chance Pack requires five tokens. Players will need a red, blue, green, purple, and orange token to complete this set. The reward is a Flashback Elite Chance pack. If players want a guaranteed Flashback elite player they can complete the second set in this category. This set is called Flashback Elite. It takes 125 tokens, 25 of each color to complete this set and obtain a program elite player. Both sets in this category are repeatable so they can be completed as many times as players wish.

The second category, Flashback Players, has three sets. The NBA Flashback Hero set requires five cards that represent NBA Flashback elite players. Each card has a different OVR requirement so players will need one 83 OVR, one 84 OVR, one 85 OVR, one 86 OVR, and one 87 OVR to get 88 OVR Jeremy Lin. This is a point guard card with 78 inside shooting, 77 defense, 84 playmaking, 83 outside shooting, 69 rebounding, and 79 athleticism. The Classic Flashback Hero set is similar to the previous sets in regards to completion requirements. Five players with OVR ranging between 83 and 87 will be needed. The players are Classic Flashback elites.

In exchange for these cards, users will receive Tracy McGrady ’04. The card has a shooting guard position. The stats are 77 inside shooting, 78 defense, 83 playmaking, 78 outside shooting, 70 rebounding, and 81 athleticism. Although both of these cards are great team enhancements, players should be ready to exchange them to receive the rewards of the final set, 90 OVR NBA and Classic Flashback Masters. When turning in 88 OVR Lyn and McGrady, players will get the 90 OVR version of these cards. For the rewards, the nba live mobile coins are very important for playing,an easy method for you to get the better players.