H1Z1- Did you get the Gilded Helmets or the Unicorn mask?

H1Z1 is one of the games that allows players to get exclusive items. Some of these items are found in crates but some can also be obtained by playing the game. This way, all players have a chance to get special items. It doesn’t matter if they invest real money or not into the game. The opportunity to get unique items is offered to anyone who plays the game. Weekend events are a great way to obtain items that are available for a limited amount of time. One of the most recent events that took place over the weekend, presented players with a great chance to acquire two items. It goes without saying that these items are cosmetics who don’t influence the result of the match and they don’t possess attributes that can make players gain an advantage.

The H1Z1 items offered as reward can only be claimed by players who prove they have game skills. There were two challenges. The first one required players to score a spot among the best 10 players ten times. Players can achieve this in battle royale games. It doesn’t matter if they play solo, in a two-man team, or in a five-man team. Each top 10 position counts towards the challenge. The reward for this achievement is a gilded ivory motocross helmet. The second challenge is more difficult to complete and this makes the associated reward rarer. A gilded ebony motocross helmet was given to the players who managed to conquer the challenge. The reward is given to the top 1,000 players who have most top 10 positions. The rules concerning team size and game mode are the same as for the previous challenge. The third item that can be obtained in addition to the helmets didn’t require much effort. The Unicorn mask arctic edition is a premium item but it’s available to buy only for one weekend. This makes it just as special as the other two items.

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