Final Fantasy XIV – Deliveries Under the Sea

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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.3 comes with a new type of deliveries named Deliveries Under the Sea. These are part of a feature called custom deliveries. This is an activity for all Final Fantasy XIV players no matter what crafting role they are playing. All disciplines of the land and hand can take part in it. The rewards for deliveries are XP and profession related materials. Both gatherers and craftsmen will receive something useful. Because these activities reward XP, and Final Fantasy XIV Gil, they provide a good leveling alternative for those who are working on their profession classes. There is also a bit of lore involved as players have the chance to learn about new characters and their background.

Kurenai is the NPC introduced by this activity. She is found in Sui-no-Sato so players are invited to visit her in that location. It doesn’t take a long time to find her as she is near the teleport point. The journey to Sui-no-Sato is made only once to start the activity. In addition to the normal satisfaction rewards, players will also be able to change Kurenai’s looks by using the glamour feature. This works just like any other glamours. The requirement to unlock the glamour is to achieve maximum satisfaction. The option will become available as soon as the requirement is met. It’s possible to equip her with any type of gear provided there aren’t any restrictions such as race or class. Players can give her Au Ra outfits and all sorts of other looks. It’s even possible to use dyes on the outfit.

Kurenai’s story is learned by interacting with her. For some reason, she is in Tamamizu. This may sound like a mystery at first but players will get to the bottom of it eventually. Another mystery that is solved concerns her outfit. Apparently, there is a reason behind the glamouring option for this NPC. This is just one of the many features brought by Patch 4.3.