Final Fantasy XIV – Blue Mage

Final Fantasy XIV has one job called blue mage. It’s different from other jobs. It is called a limited job. First of all, the blue mage has a level cap of 50 instead of 70 like the other jobs. This job is leaned by taking the quest Out of the Blue. The quest is available in Limsa Lominsa. Players must have a level 50 disciple of war or magic to begin the quest, which you could buy FFXIV Gil cheap online if needed. They must have completed the Ultimate Weapon main scenario to be eligible for this new job. The blue mage uses canes as primary weapons. It has equipment similar to other ranged DPS jobs. The most important stat for the blue mage is intelligence.

The most distinct feature of the blue mage is the way they learn spells. Other Final Fantasy XIV jobs unlock spells and abilities as they level up. Blue mages learn spells from enemies. Each spell has a certain chance to be learned. Spells are ranked with stars. One star means that the spell can be easily learned while five stars spells will be learned harder. So, blue mages have to fight enemies that use those spells. All the spells are listed in the blue magic spell book. Players can check out each spell and learn how to obtain it by reading the book. If you want to learn a certain spell, make sure to check out the party finder. There are plenty of groups that do content for this purpose. Keep in mind that you need to be alive at the end of the fight to learn the spell. If one player from the group gets the spell, everyone else learns it as well. Blue mages can clear content and fight mobs on the map, however, they have certain limitations when it comes to multiplayer. For example, they cannot take part in duty roulettes. Deep dungeons, Hall of the Novice, Eureka, certain PvP activities, squadron missions, and Stone, Sky, Sea are inaccessible as a blue mage. To compensate, there are certain activities that are only available to blue mages. The Masked Carnivale is a challenge where blue mages fight against various enemies.