Final Fantasy XIV – Eden I Normal Tactics

Eden is the first eight-man raid in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. It has four parts.

The first one is called Resurrection. Players will be fighting against Eden Prime. The encounter has lots of mechanics. The first thing you should be aware of is that the golden-glowing edge around the arena will kill you so don’t touch it. Besides the tank, everyone should stay behind the boss. If you are a tank, use some mitigation for Spear of Paradise. The healers should be ready for Eden’s Gravity that deals AOE damage. Personal cooldowns can be used to reduce the taken damage.

If you are a DPS marked with a dark blue orb, make sure to get away from the group and don’t overlap with the other players. The puddles deal damage so don’t walk in them. The tank Vice and Virtue attack triggers line attacks from the tanks. Eden will do an attack called Eden’s Flare that covers the entire area, save for a small zone around the boss, in AOE. When the boss goes in the corner and starts casting Pure Light, make sure to go behind it. If you are in front of it when the cast finishes, you take lots of damage.

The Delta attack puts a cross AOE on the boss and marks players. If you are marked make sure not to overlap with the others and avoid the cross AOE as well. The Dimensional Shift marks the beginning of a new phase. This phase has a lot of ground AOE to avoid. There are orbs around the platform that trigger line AOE and also circle AOE from the boss. Fragor Maximus marks the beginning of the next phase. Make sure to move away from the proximity markers. Kill the two adds as soon as possible. After the cut-scene, the fight resumes and the mechanics repeat. The fight is not hard but it has lots of things to watch out for, especially the Delta attack.

The good news is that, apart from the glowing border, none of the mechanics are lethal. You can take some damage but do try to avoid as much as possible. As you get better gear, the fight will become easier.

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