What You Need to Know About Final Fantasy XIV Mounts

Mounts are a Final Fantasy XIV feature. They are a common feature for MMORPGs but each game has a unique implementation for the mount system. Final Fantasy XIV players must meet a few conditions to unlock mounts. First of all, they need to get to level 20 and join a Grand Company. As soon as you get to 20, you can choose from three quests. Each quest corresponds to a Grand Company.

Take note that you will join the company whose quest you took. This decision is personal and there are no gameplay considerations to influence it. Just go with the company you like the most. After you become a company member, you can get the quest called My Little Chocobo. You will need 200 company seals to get a chocobo issuance. Turn the issuance in for a chocobo. You can name your chocobo however you want.

Unlike character names, chocobo names are not unique so there can be two or more chocobos with the same name. After your chocobo has a name, you will get a whistle that you can use to call the chocobo. But the chocobo is more than a mount. It is also a companion that will fight by your side and gain XP.

The chocobo is a ground and air mount. You will be able to fly with your chocobo, or another flying mount, after you complete the level 52 quest I Believe I Can Fly. This quest will unlock aether currents. Each zone has a number of currents. You need to find them all to be able to fly in that zone. A compass will guide you in the right direction. You will visit most of the locations that have currents for quests anyway.

There are some currents that are unlocked by completing quests. Look for the + symbol near the quest sign. That symbol indicates that those quests unlock features or content so check them out. There are other mounts that you can obtain in addition to the chocobo. However, unlike the chocobo, these are just mounts not also combat helpers. Some mounts are obtained by completing certain quests. There are also mounts that can be obtained from seasonal events.

The Final Fantasy XIV cash shop has a nice selection of mounts too. Be careful as there are mounts that can be used account wide and there are mounts that are bound to one character on that account. All mounts function in the same way. They all have the same speed. The appearance is the only difference.

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(Contributed by Reda)