Final Fantasy XIV – Anamnesis Anyder Tactics

The Unknown. This is the first boss of the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Anamnesis Anyder dungeon. Fetid Fang is the attack that hits the tank. When the boss casts Scrutiny, he moves to the center of the room and places AOEs on the ground. Move into a safe area but watch out that the arrow under the boss doesn’t point in your direction. Watch the arrow as it moves.

When it stops spinning, it will put an AOE in that direction. Avoid it. Don’t stand in front of the boss. During a Scrutiny sequence, players will also be required to stack. The boss clones itself and the players must deal with them both. The healers must be ready for group-wide damage.

Kyklops. The Final Verse is a group AOE that must be healed through. Move out of melee range when the boss casts 2000-Mina Swing. Don’t stand in front of the boss when he casts 2000-Mina Swipe. During the Terrible Hammer/Blade attack, the boss puts hammers and blades symbols on the squares on the ground. They will explode in the order they were placed so watch out where you stand.

Avoid getting hit by the Raging Glower attack. Players must also stack to share damage at one point during the fight. Spread out if you are marked with a circle. Move into melee range when the boss casts Eye of the Cyclone.

When dealing with the trash mobs before the next boss, keep in mind that you can prevent them from spawning more adds. Kill the mobs before they recharge the crystals so you don’t have to deal with too many adds. It’s not a big deal but it saves a bit of time.

Rukshs Dheem. This is the last boss of this Final Fantasy XIV dungeon. Bonebreaker is the tank attack. Seabed Ceremony does AOE damage and puts water columns across the platform. The columns will spawn large water hands that come crashing down dealing damage. Avoid them. Two players must also spread for the AOE circles.

Rising Tide is a cross-shaped AOE that originates from the boss. Notice the grates on the ground. When water forms on top of them, a player must stand on it to avoid adds spawning. Kill the adds as they make the boss invulnerable to damage. Players must stack on the group member that is marked during Flying Font. Find the safe spots during Command Current.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)