Final Fantasy XIV: Patch 5.41: What is new?

As a reminder, the Ishgardian Restoration was introduced as a follow up to the Dragonsong War. The Houses of Lords and Commons had approved a huge reconstruction project that aimed to bring new life to the Holy See of Ishgard. In-game, the project is overseen by Lord Francel of House Haillenarte. Players seek to reconstruct the Firmament district after it was heavily damaged during the war. Patch 5.41 brings new content to the game, allowing the reconstruction efforts to go further.
The patch has added new side story quests to the game, as well as Ishgardian Restoration Story Quests. Players will have access to new quests after completing all the available reconstruction works. The patch also added Ishgardian Restoration Sidequests, which unlock after players complete all the new story quests. In terms of housing, the patch also added new furniture and new orchestrion rolls to the game. Concerning the items, the patch has added new items and recipes to the game Lastly, players can now use the sweep emote.
Concerning the Ishgardian Restoration itself, the patch has launched the fourth phase of the reconstruction project. The goal is to build a cultural district where all races and social classes will be welcome. In terms of gameplay, the patch has added new construction materials to the game and made adjustments to the old materials submission.
Expert recipes have received new conditions, which can be confirmed using the crafting log. The patch has also made additions and adjustments to the Diadem and to the rewards from the Kupo of Fortune. There are other additions like new mounts, minions and accessories as well as new achievements and title and new text commands.
Patch 5.41 also comes with several fixes that correct known issues. We will only cover some of them, as the full list is available on the official website for the game. Players should now be able to receive Eden’s Promise Card after completing the raid dungeons Eden’s Promise: Eternity and Eden’s Promise: Eternity (Savage). The issue that prevented certain furniture to appear correctly has been fixed. You can buy FF Gils for the best price on U7BUY.

Contributed by Mezaoyabin