Final Fantasy XVI – More Details About Endwalker Have Emerged

Final Fantasy XVI Fan Fest 2021 revealed more about the upcoming expansion Endwalker. We knew that the expansion was coming towards the end of the year but now we have a date. Final Fantasy XVI Endwalker will be released on November 23rd. The expansion is available in normal and collector’s physical and digital editions. Should you pre-order any version, you get early access and a few goodies. Early access starts four days earlier than the release date. Pre-order bonuses include a pair of earrings that are not just cosmetic items. They also give 30% more XP to the wearer until level 80. Palom, a new minion, is another pre-order bonus. The physical collector’s edition features a wonderful art box, a Paladin statuette, a plush toy, a pin, and an art album. It’s available in limited edition.


What’s Coming in Final Fantasy XVI Endwalker


FF XIV Endwalker introduces two new jobs. The Sage, which is a healer job, was revealed a few months ago. At Fan Fest, we learned about the second job. It’s called Reaper and it’s a melee DPS job. The Reapers draw their powers from the Void. Their fighting style is fast-paced and spectacular. Final Fantasy XVI Shadowbringers introduced a new playable race, the Viera, but only female characters could be created. Naturally, players were wondering about the male Viera characters. Final Fantasy XVI Endwalker features male Viera as a playable race. If you are planning on leveling a new job or starting a new Viera male character, you should take advantage of the early access days and bonus XP from the earrings. As expected, the new expansion will have new areas that are not in the world we knew. The Labyrinthos is a training facility that doesn’t resemble anything else in the FF XIV universe. Players will marvel at the sight of Mare Lamentorum. Old Sharlayan is a new city. Those who are familiar with Final Fantasy IV and/or Final Fantasy X surely remember the Magus Sisters. This is a trio that’s not easily forgettable. Players will get to fight against them. More encounters await players in the Myth of the Realm. This is the new alliance raid. Final Fantasy XVI Endwalker will feature two tribes. We already knew about Arkasodara and, now, we find out about the Loporrits. There are still plenty of things to do in Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers as the latest patch brought more content for players to enjoy.

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