FFXIV: A Realm Reborn – The Story before Endwalker (Part 2)

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FFXIV is a great MMORPG filled with incredible lore and character story arcs, and the game’s first expansion – Heavensword – is another testament of great story-telling and awesome gameplay experience!




Previously, a brief history lesson had been shared regarding FFXIV’s beginning narrative of A Realm Reborn, focusing on your earliest journeys across Eorzea while uncovering hidden agendas of the Ascians and their accomplices.


After receiving the honorary title of Warrior of Light, your next adventure continues in the next story expansion called Heavensword, opening up new regions for exploration and brand new NPCs with their own motivations and life events.


Let’s refresh our memories by taking a short trip back in time by revisiting Heavensword again:




After the turn of events which happened at the end of A Real Reborn, you are now considered criminals by the Alliance after being framed for the supposed ‘death’ of Sultana Nanamo.


Offering asylum, Ishgard became your temporary sanctuary, to the surprise of your party members.


In truth, your presence together with the Scions are believed to be the tipping scale which can help the Ishgardians defeat their most hated opposing faction – the Dravarian dragons led by their vengeful leader, Nidhogg.


Following a series of battles with the dragons, it would seem that the Ascians were the true instigators of the ongoing conflict, yet again.


Still, peace is unachievable as both the Dravanian dragon-leader, Nidhogg, is still hell-bent on exacting revenge for the death of its dragon-sister, Ratatoskr, while Archbishop Thordan is steadfast in his lust for power as promised by the Ascians.


Only after defeating both of them, were you able to finally help the country to achieve peace, ending the war that had taken away many lives from both sides of the fight.


While all these were transpiring, an investigation had already been completed to prove your innocence in Sultana Nanamo’s purported demise.


It is during this time that the Ascians have established its own group of fighters to combat Scion’s relentless efforts in thwarting their plans – the Warriors of Darkness.


On a larger scale, the Eorzian Alliance also faced pressure from incoming numbers of refugees fleeing the neighbouring Garlean Empire, culminating in certain conspiracy acts by the group Griffin which led to the summoning of another Primal at Baelsar’s Wall, seeking to destroy’s Ala Mihgo’s defensive barrier.


With your swift guidance, the Primal was dealt with immediately while the Alliance managed to quickly protect the territories of Ala Mihgo before the Garleans were able to strike an offensive to conquer their lands.


Tune in for more as we continue to unravel FFXIV’s next story expansion after this one – Stormblood!


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