FFXIV A Realm Reborn Patch 6.08 Refresh

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Following the great feedback that FFXIV has been receiving since its Endwalker saga, a new in-game Patch has just been introduced to help improve players’ experiences after the game’s brief withdrawal from online stores just recently.

FFXIV has been around in the MMORPG scenes for more than seven (7) years now, yet the player base has now seen resurgence after some spectacular misses and controversies hitting its competitors like New World and WoW.


With its popularity back on track, a new in-game patch has just been delivered by the developers, showing their intent and renewed enthusiasm to continue burning the game’s candle for the next foreseeable future.


The latest game update – Patch 6.08 – introduces a few notable changes while also improving game mechanics like class skills and bug fixes, ensuring a better experience for you to look forward to now.


Here are some of the detailed changes made thus far:



CLASSES (All Expansions)


  • Paladin
    • Increased potencies of all of the following:
      • Spirits Within: 250 to 270
      • Expiacion: 300 to 340
      • Blade of Faith: 250 to 420
      • Blade of Truth: 350 to 500
      • Blade of Valor: 420 to 580


  • Marauder/ Warrior
    • Increased potency of:
      • Tomahawk: 100 to 150


  • Monk
    • Increased potency of:
      • Phantom Rush: 1,000 to 1,150


  • Dragoon
    • Increased potencies of all of the following:
      • Raiden Thrust: 260 to 280
      • Stardiver: 500 to 620
      • Heaven’s Thrust: 430 to 480 (combo)
      • Chaotic Spring: 240 to 260 (combo), 280 to 300 (rear combo)


  • Adjustments made for:
    • Dragon Sight:
      • Ranged extended from 12 yards to 30 yards
      • Party members do not have to stay within 12 yards to receive ‘Left Eye’
      • No more channelling animation


  • Many more!




  • Oceania Data Centre
    • Introduction of Logical Data Centre:
      • Materia


  • New Worlds implemented in Materia:
    • Bismarck
    • Ravana
    • Sephirol
    • Sophia
    • Zurvan


  • Loads of boost and bonuses for a limited time!




  • Fixed certain audio lags and stutters
  • During the battle against Proto-Omega in the Stigma Dreamscape dungeon, ‘Guided Missile’ and ‘Chemical Missile’ will now select targets correctly
  • The Ninja’s PvE action, ‘Phantom Kamaitachi’, and Scholar’s PvE action, ‘Consolation’, can now be dragged into the Actions list from the ‘Actions & Traits’ menu.
  • Resolved the delay of the White Mage’s PvE action, ‘Thin Air’, that did not apply to cast spells even though it has already been activated
  • Plenty others!


There are TONS of other changes that have been made by Patch 6.08, so if you’re looking to understand all of them, you can definitely do so by visiting the website right here.


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