Final Fantasy XIV: DPS Roles

After reading this article, you will figure out which class you need to choose if you want to build a DPS oriented character. You can buy FF Gils for the best price on
A few days ago, Final Fantasy broke its own record of concurrent player on Steam. According to SteamDB, there were 47,542 players logged in at the same time; a number which broke the previous record set at 41,200 players for the launch of the Shadowbringers expansion. According to some observers, this high number of players was the result of major World of Warcraft content creators deciding to try Square Enix’s MMORPG.
There are three types of DPS roles in Final Fantasy 14, Physical or melee DPS, Ranged DPS and Magical DPS. It is important to choose wisely the type of character you want to play depending on your preferences.
Let’s start with the melee DPS roles; they are ideal for players who want to focus on dealing close quarter damage. The best roles for this category are the Monk, the Ninja, the Dragoon and the Samurai. Monks use their mastery over chakra to perform incredible physical feats. Ninjas are adept at manipulating the elements and the forces of nature to infuse their attacks. Dragoons are expert lance users who jump in the skies before performing devastating plunging attacks against their foes. Samurais wield their katanas with force and conviction to slay their enemies.
Ranged DPS roles allow your character to attack from a certain distance without coming into direct contact with the enemy. Archers are proficient at using bows to bring death to their opponents with their arrows without exposing themselves. Bards combine the Archer and the Pugilist classes and are able to inspire their companions with songs while using a bow. Dancers are expert at using throwing weapons while roaming the battlefield with grace. Machinists use modern weapons such as firearms to deal damage from a safe position.
Magical DPS roles are self-explanatory, they use magic attacks to destroy their enemies. Blue mages channel the power of wild beasts to attack. Arcanists use powerful grimoires to unleash their magical energy and cast powerful spells. Summoners summon powerful creatures to fight in their stead. Thaumaturges use scepter and staffs imbued with magic to deal damage. Black Mages use the most powerful form of destructive magic and are experts in dealing wide range damage. Lastly, Red Mages combine the destructive powers of the black mages with the healing powers of the white.