How To Complete The Final Fantasy 14 Dungeon Alzadaal’s Legacy

Buy Final Fantasy 14 gil from U7Buy and we will deliver it straight away! Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.1 has hit the live servers. It’s the first Endwalker content update. It introduces a new dungeon and the first part of this expansion’s alliance raid. It also opens a new residential area. If you are too poor to become a homeowner, buy cheap Final Fantasy XIV gil from U7Buy and get your dream house now! Patch 6.1 continues the main scenario. The Final Days catastrophe has been prevented and a new adventure begins. Alzadaal’s Legacy is the first dungeon that is part of the adventure.


Final Fantasy 14 Alzadaal’s Legacy Tactics

Follow the main scenario quest to unlock the dungeon. The group has to defeat three bosses and several mob packs. Players will be ambushed on their way towards the first boss. That’s why big pulls are not a good idea, especially if the group members are not geared and/or experienced. Ambujam is the first boss. He does the unavoidable Big Wave group-wide attack. Tentacle Dig places two large circle AOEs on the ground. Keep an eye on the tentacles and move as far away as possible from them when they stop moving. Toxic Fountain places three circle AOEs in a sequence. Stand in the last circle as the first one goes off and then move to avoid damage. After the first boss, players will need to deal with summoner mobs. They take priority. The Armored Chariot is the second boss. Diffusion Ray is a group-wide AOE. Rail Cannon is the tank-buster attack. Graviton Cannon puts AOE circles on party members. Make sure to spread as much as possible. The Articulated Bits attack is the nasty mechanic of this fight. It will overlap with the Graviton Cannon. The boss summons corner bits marked with one and two marks. They do a line AOE attack that is reflected by the boss’s shield. The one-mark goes first, followed by the two-mark. Edge bits have the same attack but it’s not reflected. Stand between the shield, but out of the edge bits’ way to avoid damage. Kapikulu is the final boss. Billowing Bolts is the wide-group AOE. Crewel Slice is the tank-buster. Rotary Gale puts AOE markers on players. The group has to stack for Magnitude Opus. Players have to watch out for the spikes and drapes that have the same color as the one targeted by the boss. The trick in this fight is that players won’t be able to move that easily. They can control the direction as they spin around.