New MSQ And Raid Content Coming In Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2

Buy Final Fantasy XIV gil from U7Buy and enjoy all the content brought by Patch 6.2! Final Fantasy Patch 6.2 Buried Memory is happening on August 23rd. Players have been waiting for this update for a long time. Patch 6.2 comes with more main and side quests, the second eight-player Pandaemonium raid, more challenging trials, a new dungeon, and the most-awaited Island Sanctuary. Make sure to prepare with cheap FF XIV gil from U7Buy in time for the new patch!

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Adds New Content

We cannot wait to see how the main Final Fantasy XIV story unfolds. After the events that concluded the Endwalker scenario, a new tale featuring Vrtra has begun. The Warrior of Light assists him in his quest to find his sister Azdaja. We prepare for an incursion into the void. The Fell Court of Troia is a new max level dungeon. The developers once again outdid themselves. Even though this location is in an unwelcoming place, its visuals are amazing. A new trial is part of the Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 as well. Who will we face this time? On a more cheerful note, the side quest Tataru’s Grand Endeavor progresses with more tasks that will no doubt set our beloved Lalafell on a path for unimaginable success as a boutique owner now with a branch in Ishgard. Pandaemonium Asphodelos is a done deal, but more encounters await in the new wing Abyssos. We delve deeper into this fortress. Four new bosses become available. Those seeking more challenging content are invited to check out the new unreal trial Containment Bay S1T7. We are eager to see the new mechanics of the revamped Sephirot fight. All these activities bring awesome rewards. New high item level crafted gear will also be available. Island Sanctuaries are coming in Patch 6.2 and we couldn’t be happier about it. Especially that we don’t need experience as a Disciple of the Land or Hand to enjoy the new content. Each player gets an island where they can plant crops and tend to animals. Island Sanctuaries will have exclusive rewards. The Adventurer Plates get the official release. More features such as customization options and better portraits are part of the deal. More fashion accessories are on the list as well. The second part of Patch 6.2 will arrive later. Patch 6.25 features the first variant and criterion dungeons, the Manderville quest line for the new weapon enhancements, and Omicron tribal quests.