FFXIV: Black Mage

Before we start, you should check out best FFXIV Gil deals on U7BUY. A strong set of attacks with multiple enemies that was already strong before he was enhanced in Endwalker, making it a great choice for destroying mobs in dungeons. That’s not to say it doesn’t have a reputation, it’s considered mystical. The long spell time of each attack makes it especially difficult for new players to understand how to navigate the battle with boss.


Moreover, there are three major updates to know about Black Mage, and they will always, always be relevant. Because it’s so important, and because I’m going overboard with the explanations, we’re only going to cover those three things in this article!


You will get fire and ice attacks, as well as ticks and a timer for Astral Fire and Umbral Ice. This is not just a cool feature – each of the attacks has its own advantages that allow you to consistently DPS. Owning Astral Fire ticks, which are small red crystals (or dots) on your Black Mage’s HUD, actually multiplies your fire attack damage: 1.4x for one, 1.6x for two, and 1.8 for three. This means that after getting Fire 4, spamming 3 ticks of Astral Fire actually gives 558 attack power instead of 310 as listed. However, you completely lose your MP regen when doing so, with the exception of Manafont and Aethers.


To get maximum damage, you need to alternate them: high damage on Fire, exchange and restoration of mana on Ice, and so on ad infinitum until the enemies die. Luckily! As complicated as it sounds, there are tools for it all. At the beginning of the rotation, up to level 35, you will use Transpose, which allows you to switch between Astral Fire and Umbral Ice, with one stack of either allowing you to continue.


Unlocking level 35 will give you Blizzard 3 and Fire 3, they will give you three stacks of Umbral Ice and Astral Fire, respectively, with no cooldown required. When you combine this with Aspect Mastery, which allows you to switch between two elements for free using any spell of the opposite element, you can immediately start spamming a lot of damage.