Final Fantasy XIV Tactics: The Twinning Dungeon


Alpha Zaghnal. This is the first boss in The Twinning, a level 80 dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. The platform where the boss stands features containment units where ads are imprisoned. If the units are broken, the ads are released and you have to fight them. If released, ads should be tanked right away. The units are broken if…
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Final Fantasy XIV – Patch 5.21

FF XIV_Shadowbringers_FF gil_U7BUY

New Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers features are coming in Patch 5.21. The Ishgardian Restoration is one of the most exciting features. Adventurers can take part in it. This story quest line begins with the side-quest called Towards the Firmament. Players must be level 60. The story continues with A Home in the Firmament. There are a few story quests and…
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Final Fantasy XIV – Celebrate the Year of the Rat With Heavensturn


Heavensturn is a Final Fantasy XIV celebration that takes place as a new year begins. It’s a players’ favorite because it extends the festive atmosphere for two more weeks after Starlight ends. The Eorzean year is similar to ours. It has 12 months and just like Earth inhabitants, Eorzeans like to make a big deal out of it as well….
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Final Fantasy XIV – The Copied Factory Raid

Final Fantasy XIV_The Copied Factory Raid_FF Gil_U7BUY

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers follows in the footsteps of the main game and the other expansions and brings a new alliance raid. The Copied Factory is a 24-man raid for level 80 players. Three parties of one tank, two healers, and five DPS players will join together and try to defeat the bosses. An alliance raid has many bosses so…
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