Final Fantasy XIV – Join The Starlight Celebration


Final Fantasy XIV is hosting another round of the Starlight Celebration. This is a holiday-themed event that gives players the chance to complete a little fun quest and to acquire some items that remind them of the festive season. The quest doesn’t take too long so make a bit of time for it. A distraction from your daily activities is…
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Final Fantasy 14 – The Heroes’ Gauntlet Tactics


Arrive in the Mount Argai Mines. This is the first objective in The Heroes’ Gauntlet, one of the new dungeons released in Patch 5.3 Final Fantasy 14: Shadowlands. This is a very simple encounter where you will deal only with some trash packs. Just be careful where you stand. Clear the Mount Argai Mines. This objective brings the first boss…
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Final Fantasy XIV: Celebrate The Rising!

Final Fantasy XIV turns seven. Each year, we celebrate the game’s birthday with an event called The Rising. The name holds a special meaning. As you may or may not know, the original Final Fantasy XIV launched in 2010. Unfortunately, it was so bad that the people in charge decided to shut it down and rework it. Second time’s the…
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Final Fantasy XIV – Patch 5.3 Lands Soon!

Patch 5.3 comes to Final Fantasy XIV on August 11th. The patch is very much expected by the players as it was supposed to come out several weeks ago. This is a substantial content update that brings many new things to the game. The story of Shadowbringers continues with new main scenario quests. The Scions have figured out that Ardbert…
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Final Fantasy XIV Tactics: The Twinning Dungeon

Alpha Zaghnal. This is the first boss in The Twinning, a level 80 dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. The platform where the boss stands features containment units where ads are imprisoned. If the units are broken, the ads are released and you have to fight them. If released, ads should be tanked right away. The units are broken if…
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Final Fantasy XIV – Anamnesis Anyder Tactics

The Unknown. This is the first boss of the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Anamnesis Anyder dungeon. Fetid Fang is the attack that hits the tank. When the boss casts Scrutiny, he moves to the center of the room and places AOEs on the ground. Move into a safe area but watch out that the arrow under the boss doesn’t point…
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Final Fantasy XIV – Do You Like Patch 5.25?

Final Fantasy XIV just rolled Patch 5.25. It is a sizeable content update that comes with many additions. Let’s take a look at what the patch brings. Do you miss questing with your level 80 disciple of magic or war? Then you might want to know that new side story quests are now available. If you are up to date…
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Final Fantasy XIV – Patch 5.21

New Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers features are coming in Patch 5.21. The Ishgardian Restoration is one of the most exciting features. Adventurers can take part in it. This story quest line begins with the side-quest called Towards the Firmament. Players must be level 60. The story continues with A Home in the Firmament. There are a few story quests and…
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