NBA Live Mobile – What gameplay modes are available in Season 2

NBA Live Mobile -  What gameplay modes are available in Season 2

NBA Live Mobile Season 2 has four main gameplay modes: head to head, season, live events, and league versus league.

Season mode, This mode gives players the chance to match skills against AI teams. Players will use the My Team feature to build their teams and use them to take part in season mode games. This mode is the main way to level up and to get rewards. New players are advised to complete as many season mode games as possible so they get used to controlling players on the court. Games in this mode are played in an episodic manner. Players will complete one match at a time. There are lots of matches against various NBA teams.

Live events mode, This is another mode where NBA Live Mobile users play against the computer. Live events are mini challenges that require players to complete all sorts of objectives. There are different types of live events. Basic drill live events task players with easy practice moves. There are also live events that are inspired by real NBA events where players have to recreate a past happening. Special program live events are available for limited periods of time and give players the opportunity to obtain program tokens or cards.

Head to head mode, This is one of the two PvP modes. In this mode, players will go against other human players. The match is an asynchronous turn-based game that lasts four rounds. Players take turns controlling their teams against the enemy lineup that is controlled by the AI. Both opponents don’t need to be online at the same time. Each player has a period of time during which they can complete their turn before the match expires. Playing head to head games rewards players with fans and reputation. Fans are used to rank up and climb the division ladder. Reputation is a new currency introduced in Season 2. It can be spent at the NBA Live Mobile store.

League versus league, This mode is available to players that are members of an NBA Live Mobile league. Players will compete in matches against players from another league. There are league themed sets and achievements to complete.