The new FUT 18 trick to score goal from the kick-off

Several times we discussed the possibility of scoring directly from the kickoff in FIFA 18. A solution that, at least was resolved for a couple of months with the latest updates. They did not even give EA time to assimilate the update, as some users have discovered new flaws in the system.

Although it is one of the most played titles in the world, FIFA 18 is also one of the most problematic. The efforts of the developers to limit the problems are considerable, but something always escapes. With the update of the first of March, the first failure that allowed scoring directly from the goalkeeper area was resolved. However, a new way of scoring a goal from that area has already been found.

How to score a goal directly from the kick-off?

Regardless of the platform you use, PS4, Xbox One X or PC, there is a trick in FIFA account play with which you can easily score. Of course, what we are going to tell you is only valid in matches against artificial intelligence. Obviously, if the one who moves the opponents has a mind of its own, the result will be different.

That said, to score with ease follows this sequence of commands: first send a pass back, then forward again with the attacker, always the ball must be in between the feet of the midfielder, then continues to the outside of the center of the field and, after a run to the penalty area and then cross to the center of the area. Magically, in the middle of it you will find a free FUT 18 player to receive the ball and score a goal.

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