Final Fantasy XIV – Haukke Manor Tactics

Find the green key. The first boss of this Final Fantasy XIV dungeon is the Manor Claviger. No other party members but the tank should stand in front of the boss. Players that are targeted by the fire AOE spell need to step out of it. The boss will cast another AOE spell around it and the tank should move out of it as well. The encounter is not complicated, it just requires a bit of legwork. The needed item, the green key, will drop from the boss and players can open the ivy door and move forward.

Find the yellow key. This next part of the dungeon takes place in the cellar. Players will fight against groups of thrash. The key is not a drop, it is found on the ground so make sure to look for it. The key grants access to the room with the next boss.

Find the bloody parchment. The encounter here consists of two bosses: Manor Steward and Manor Jester. The preferred tactic is to defeat the Jester first. Players need to watch out for the Steward’s AOE. To make the fight easier, players can interrupt the AOE spell. The parchment is a drop from the bosses.

Defeat Lady Amandine. This is the final encounter in this dungeon. Players must return at the starting point of the dungeon. The stairs are now accessible. There is a mini-boss encounter against the Manor Sentry which ends as soon as its HP is halved. Players can head to the last boss or take time to defeat the pack of mobs that guard the chest with additional loot. Lady Amandine encounter is not as easy as the first two. Players will notice some lanterns that the boss lights up. This causes the party to take AOE damage. Lanterns can be turned off by assigned members. Ads should be killed as soon as possible. Players need to get out of the AOE from the bomb adds. There is a lot of damage in this encounter but, luckily, the boss can be interrupted. The dungeon run ends after Lady Amandine is defeated.