Final Fantasy XIV – The Great Hunt

Final Fantasy XIV developer, Square Enix, and Capcom have entered a partnership to bring Monster Hunter: World themed content to Eorzea. The collaboration was announced at this year’s E3. Final Fantasy XIV players will be able to test their skills in a new trial. The boss will be none other than Monster Hunter: World’s larger monster Rathalos. Trials are some of the most challenging Final Fantasy XIV activities. Although they have only one boss, the encounter is pretty difficult as it has unforgiving mechanics. Players must know what to do and work as one to conquer the trials.

The new trial is part of the Stormblood expansion. There are some requirements. Players must have achieved max level 70 which you could reach fast with FFXIV power leveling and completed the main quest line from the expansion. Once these requirements are completed, adventurers are ready to take part in the Great Hunt. This is the name of the new trial which is unlocked as players complete missions pertaining to the The New King on the Block quest. There are two difficulty modes available: normal and extreme. The normal mode requires a team of eight players. On extreme mode, the party size is reduced to four. The Final Fantasy XIV trial is based on the Monster Hunter: World fight so players will see some unique combat elements. Great rewards await those who down the King of the Skies. There is a Rathalos armor set and also a mount that can be acquired from the trial. A piece of furnishing is on the rewards list as well. It’s a barbecue spit and it looks really nice. Poogie and Palico are the two minions obtained as a reward. Players should know that they need at least 320 Final Fantasy XIV item level to stand a chance against Rathalos. The trial comes bundled with another content addition. Players will be able to adventure deeper in the Forbidden Land of Eureka thanks to the update called Pagos Expedition. The date set for release is August 7th.