New FIFA 19 Jerseys Are Available

FIFA 19 players that are also fans of gaming teams like SK Gaming or Natus Vincere have the chance to acquire special jerseys and to represent their favorite team. The good news is that all these jerseys are free. Everyone is welcome to get one. Fans of the teams will surely want one but completionists will not want to miss them either. After all, it doesn’t cost anything to get them. Each jersey is designed by the team that is representing. The jerseys have a nice look and feature the team logo and colors. There are more than 10 team jerseys available. All these jerseys can be used in game modes like the very popular Ultimate Team. This is a deceptively easy game mode. It appeals to new and veteran FIFA 19 players. The goal of the mode is to get football players and to create teams to take part in challenges. The mode is updated and improved each year.

Here are some of the teams that have in game jerseys. SK Gaming is a veteran gaming organization that was founded in 1997. Mkers is an Italian esport organization. Besides FIFA 19, Mkers has teams for Hearthstone, Clash Royale, MotoGP 18, PES 2019, and Tennis World Tour. Players also have the chance to get a FUTWIZ jersey. This is not just an esports team but also a community resource for the game. It has a large database with useful info. Rogue organization is also represented in the game. They have teams for Counter-Strike, Fortnite, H1Z1, Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege, and of course EA’s FIFA series. Newbee team from Shanghai, China has a jersey too. Other teams that will be featured are Team Vitality, Hashtag United, Natus Vincere, and Team Envy. Players will get the jersey for free, they don’t have to do anything to get them. The jerseys are a nice opportunity for teams to gain some popularity and for players to support their favorite organization.