FIFA 19 – Players Skills and Play Styles

FIFA 19 is a realistic football themed game. Making the game as accurate as possible has always been a top priority for the development teams. That’s why the game has a system of traits and specializations that mimic the real players’ behavior and performance. A player can have multiple traits. Each FIFA 19 player is a complex character that is defined by traits, attributes, and other properties. Some of the traits decide how the player performs in a game and others influence other aspects. For example, there are traits that impact the player’s behavior when he suffers an injury. There are four main traits categories. The standard category includes traits that influence the player’s performance on the field. This category includes traits for two situations: when the player is controlled by a human user and by the game’s AI system. The CPU AI category reflects this second situation. Traits that are part of this category decide the performance when the player is controlled by the game. Career mode traits have an effect on the player in the career mode. The gameplay is not influenced by these traits. The last category, virtual pro, has traits that give access to features when playing in FIFA Pro Clubs and player career mode.

Specialties measure a player’s skills and attributes towards a specific activity. If the player has certain attributes, then he has a specialization. For example, players with 86+ crossing and 80+ curve, have the crosser specialization. Some specialization must meet three or more attributes requirements. There are also specializations that are based on others. This system does not influence gameplay but allows users to make better choices when selecting players for specific activities. Save styles are a goalkeeper only feature. They don’t influence performances. The save style decides what animations a goalkeeper uses. There are two current styles. Acrobatic styles cause the keeper to make a ground save most of the times. Traditional styles allow the keeper to make saves while he is on his feet. The details menu tells all about the traits and specializations of a player. Buy FIFA 19 Players cheapest.