Final Fantasy XIV – Omega: Alphascape 4 Normal Tactics

Omega: Alphascape is the last Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood raid. Just like all other eight-player raids, it has one boss. Players will fight against Omega itself. The boss will alternate between Omega F and Omega M. Here is what you need to know.

Those who are standing in melee range should make sure not to get hit by the Solar Ray attack that targets the tank and the nearby area. Players must avoid all other AOEs on the ground and be ready to stand together when a player gets the stack-up marker. If the boss starts to cast Discharger, make sure to stay close to it, else you will be knocked off from the platform. This spell is cast by Omega F. Players must move out of the group if they have the red marker above their heads. It’s possible that this attack will overlap with some ground AOE that has to be avoided. If this happens there is not much room to move so be aware of what is going on around you. When the boss changes to Omega M, it will cast a melee attack. There is no indicator for this attack so make sure to stay away from the boss when it transforms.
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At one point the boss will disappear. One player will have the stack-up marker and another will have the move-out marker. Omega F will spawn at the location of the stack-up player and Omega M at the location of the move-out player. These two players should stand a decent distance from each other. In the next phase, players will have to quickly kill Omega M to quickly get to Omega F before it finishes the cast. After this phase ends, players will have to deal with the two bosses at the same time. Players will have a debuff that prevents them from dealing damage to M or F. The two bosses must be tanked away from each other. There is a lot to dodge so the fight can get pretty hectic. It’s advised to kill them both at the same time.