Final Fantasy XIV – Shadowbringer Features

Shadowbringers is the third Final Fantasy XIV expansion. It is a major content update. A new story, new races, new tribes, new trials, and more are coming July 2nd. The level cap is increased to 80. Once again, the main scenario quests and a ton of side quests provide enough XP to get from 70 to 80. Speaking of the main scenario quest, some unexpected adventures await the warriors of light. The new campaign promises to surprise us with inconceivable events. There’s also a new system called New Game Plus. This mode offers players the chance to replay the quests they have already completed with their current job and progression. New jobs are on the features list. The Dancer and the Gunbreaker will join the Final Fantasy XIV job roster. The Dancer is a DPS job while the Gunbreaker is a tank job. Two new races, Hrothgar and Viera, will be available as well. The battle system changes too. The developers have reevaluated the existing mechanics and did an overhaul that promises to bring a fresh and exciting combat experience. That would be FFXIV gil costy.

Dungeons are normally completed in a group of four players. The expansion introduces a system that allows players to team up with NPCs to complete dungeons. Three new beast tribes and two new primal bosses will be part of the expansion on release day. Players will face against Titania and Innocence. They will also travel to the new continent of Norvrandt. Two new major cities, The Crystarium and Eulmore, will become the new hubs. Five breathtaking zones invite players to explore. A new alliance raid that’s a crossover between Final Fantasy XIV and NieR is part of the initial features. A new eight player raid called Eden will match players against challenging bosses. Three new dungeons will be available at release. But Shadowbringers has plenty of non-combat content too. Lots of new recipes and materials will keep disciples of land and hand plenty occupied for a good while. Those who pre-order the expansion get early access starting June 28th.