Final Fantasy XIV – Gemstones and Shared FATEs

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers has several new features. Gemstones and shared FATEs are part of the list. This is a reward system. Players that complete a certain number of FATEs in a zone get access to a vendor that sells all kinds of items in exchange for gemstones.

First of all, you need to know where to look to see your progress. Open the Travel menu and look for the Shared FATEs option. Upon opening it, you will see a list of all the zones from the expansion along with some ranks in their respective panel. If you haven’t unlocked a zone yet, the panel will be grayed out and say “There is no information to display”. In the upper right corner, you will see how many gemstones you have accumulated. Be careful as there’s a cap of 500 gems. The gemstones are acquired by completing FATEs. You get a maximum of 12 gems per FATE depending on how much you’ve contributed to its completion.

The idea behind this system is to rank up and to unlock better rewards. In the beginning, you will need to unlock the gemstones NPCs in each area. This is done by completing 10 FATEs in an area. You are now rank 1 and you can buy crafting materials. Do six more FATEs to unlock rank 2. You will be able to buy high quality crafting materials and the riding map which increases your speed. The map costs 70 gemstones and it’s very useful so make sure to buy it as soon as possible. Rank 3 is unlocked when you have completed 60 FATEs. You will be able to buy orchestrion rolls, minions, bardings, and such. When you have achieved rank 3 in all the areas, you get access to the gemstone traders in Eulmore and the Crystarium. Csompleting 60 FATEs in a zone is time-consuming, let alone achieving rank 3 in all zones. Keep in mind that the rewards are vanity items so there’s no rush to get them. You can complete FATEs with different jobs to get XP and level up, there’s no point in grinding them all with one job.

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