Final Fantasy XIV – The Grand Cosmos Tactics

The Seeker of Solitude. Healers need to be ready when Shadowbolt hits the tank and when Immortal Anathema does raid-wide damage. Black puddles will appear and brooms will spawn and move towards them. Don’t stand in the brooms’ way. Stack for Dark Pulse and spread for Dark Well.

Leannan Sith. Storm of Color is the heavy attack on the tank here. Ode to the Lost Love deals unavoidable AOE damage. The boss will place green squares on the ground. Notice the seeds. You can and must carry them out of the grass areas else they will spawn mobs. The seeds can be moved by the knock-back attack so be careful where you move them as they can be sent into the areas that cause them to spawn mobs. If any adds appear, kill them, and return to the boss. Players will also be marked and they need to spread but they also must avoid the damage areas. When Ode to the Fallen Petals is cast, move into melee range of the boss.

Lugus. The boss will do a Scorching left or right attack that places ground damage on one side of the room. Move out of the marked area. Players will get some orange markers above their heads. They will drop a cross-shaped AOE under them. The player is the intersection of the two lines from the cross so keep that in mind. The lines will grow and deal damage so make sure to move out of them. The trick is to not damage the objects around the room. You will notice that the objects such as the piano can be destroyed by fire and that’s something you will want to avoid because they serve a certain purpose. Players can stand close to each other to avoid spreading the fire.

Mortal Flame is a debuff that can kill players if there aren’t any more objects in the room. Put the objects on fire and save yourself. Fire’s Domain marks each player with one to four swords. The boss will tether to players in order. The caught players have to move away from the boss until the line between them and the boss turns purple. They must also avoid the frontal cone attack that follows. This attack can also destroy objects so be careful of your positioning. Culling Blade does AOE damage and spawns more objects that can be used to escape Mortal Flame. The healer should top and shield the tank before Captive Bolt.

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(Contributed byReda)