Final Fantasy XIV Tactics: The Twinning Dungeon

Alpha Zaghnal. This is the first boss in The Twinning, a level 80 dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. The platform where the boss stands features containment units where ads are imprisoned. If the units are broken, the ads are released and you have to fight them. If released, ads should be tanked right away. The units are broken if a boss attack hits them so be aware of your location. Augurium is the ability that hits the tank.

Beastly Roar is an AOE attack that deals damage to the entire group. You cannot avoid this attack. Forlorn Impact marks each player with a number 1-4. The boss then attacks the players in order. Make sure to stay spread and also don’t break the containment units. Pounce Errant is a mark-up AOE attack. Players should not overlap each other. Stay stacked during Charge Eradicated. Avoid the black puddles on the floor.

Mithridates. This boss hits the tank with Thunderbeam. Electric Discharge is a boss ability that summons orbs. They explode after a while doing AOE damage so make sure to not be close to them. Laserblade covers most of the platform with AOE columns. Find the intersection and stay there to avoid damage. Allagan Thunder puts AOE markers on players. Make sure not to overlap with the other team members. The mechanics of this fight are simple but they will overlap so take the boss down as fast as possible.

The Tycoon. Rail Cannon is the tank hitting ability. High Tension Discharger is an AOE attack that deals unavoidable damage to all players. Magitek Crossray spawns some orbs around the boss. They will eventually turn into line AOEs that should be avoided. Defensive Array is another AOE attack. This time, the orbs spawn on the sides of the platform and the AOE goes towards the center of the platform.

Both attacks feature the time stasis mechanic so you have a bit of time before the AOE goes on. Artificial Gravity puts some red spots on the floor. They start small but grow considerably and deal damage. Do your best to avoid them. Magicrystal puts AOE markers on all players. Spread as much as you can to avoid taking damage from each other. This fight can be pretty challenging. The attacks are difficult to avoid and they also overlap which makes the fight even harder. The important thing here is to avoid taking damage and to stay alive as long as possible.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)