Final Fantasy XIV: What We Know About The Endwalker Expansion

Endwalker is the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV expansion. Let’s review what we know about the expansion so far. Endwalker brings the conclusion to the story that started in A Realm Reborn.

The Warriors of Light and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn return to their homes, but there’s not a moment of rest. The Final Days may be upon us once again. This spells big trouble for everyone as all life in the Source might end. A new disaster rises and we cannot wait for it to come faster. The Final Fantasy XIV story has been amazing so far. Players will uncover the story by completing quests and activities. They need to raise their level caps if they want to take part in the new end-game activities.

Ten more levels add to the existing cap bringing it to 90. Players will get XP as they explore the new zones. So far, Garlemald, Thavnair, and Radz-at-Han have been confirmed as new zones. They are all gorgeous. You can check out the artwork to get a better idea of the visuals of these new areas.

We didn’t work to restore Ishgard just for fun. In the new expansion, this zone will be available as a residential area. You’d better get some Final Fantasy XIV gil if you want to become an Ishgardian homeowner.

Endwalker introduces the Island Sanctuary. This will be a safe zone where you can just have fun and forget about the Source’s impending doom. Get ready for a new Gold Saucer experience as this feature is getting updated. PvE and PvP content aplenty comes with the expansion. We will have new leveling and end-game dungeons to clear. The Anima is a new threat that we will need to overcome.

A new alliance raid is in the works as well. This will not bring just new bosses but also a great story. Those who are up for a serious challenge are invited to delve into the Pandæmonium. This is a new raid that comes with increased difficulty. Arkasodara is the new tribe introduced by the fourth Final Fantasy XIV expansion.

The beloved character Estinien Wyrmblood joins the Trust ally roster. Sage is a new healer job. Final Fantasy: Endwalker aims to make PvP more accessible with a new small-scale mode. New crafting recipes are coming as well. Items, gear, and equipment are also on the list. The expansion is planned for release in Fall 2021. The exact date is not yet announced.

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