The 2021 Final Fantasy XIV Holiday Season Begins With The Starlight Celebration

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What You Need to Know About Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration


Final Fantasy XIV players are invited to take a quick break from Endwalker activities and enjoy the seasonal Starlight Celebration. The event features a short questline and rewards. Head to Gridania in the old part of the city where the Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre is located. You will find Amh Garanjy there. She is the event NPC. Amh has some chores for you. The questline is called A Very Yeti Starlight. It’s lighthearted and doesn’t take too long to complete. The only requirement this quest has is that you need to be at least level 15. Even free trials can complete it. Players receive three rewards for completing the quest. Two pets and one housing item are on the rewards list. We have the Wind-up Rudy and Squirrel Emperor minions. The Starlight Mobile house decoration is the other reward. The quest and rewards will not be available after the event ends. Make sure to complete it before then. You can also look in the Seasonal Shop for items from past Starlight Celebration events. You might have a second chance at getting the items. A few days after Starlight ends, another Final Fantasy XIV event begins. Heavensturn starts at the beginning of January to celebrate the new year. It is a similar event that requires players to complete a quick quest for cosmetic items. FF XIV: Endwalker is out for a couple of days. It’s a great expansion that tells one of the best Final Fantasy stories. Endwalker concludes the story that began with A Realm Reborn. It’s the end of an epic journey, but not the final story. Gameplay wise, Endwalker brings two new jobs and new content. The level cap is raised to level 90. Two gorgeous cities become the main hubs for the expansion. Players will encounter new tribes and also new threats. Small-scale PvP activities are also part of the feature list. Island Sanctuary adds casual content to the game.