FF14 – Potential Changes Coming for Patch 6.2

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FF 14 players are eagerly awaiting new content to be dropped, and although not much has been up since Endwalker’s finale, a new Patch 6.2 will be making certain changes to spice things up in the lands of Eorzea.


If you’re a ‘retired’ FF14 player, it might be worth your time to return to Eorzea to check out what’s up and about after Patch 6.2 is released sometime soon.


With the end of Endwalker seemingly closing doors on any new story content, the latest scenario quests seem to lead up to something bigger within the foreseeable future, and Patch 6.2 will be adding some noteworthy ones into the mix.


Additionally, side quests will also be expanded upon, either by introducing new ones into the game or implementing better mechanics in general.


For PvE fans, a new Raid for Pandaemonium will also be introduced, allowing you to play on Normal or Savage difficulty. A new Trial is also set to be released, though more details will be shared as we get closer to the update’s release.


For Dungeon crawlers, unique Variant and Criterian dungeons are also expected to make their appearance, providing some much-needed challenge for end-game players to enjoy.


The most exciting part of Update 6.2 is probably the welcome of Island Sanctuary, a new in-game feature that lets you live a sandbox-type island where you can live peacefully on your very own private paradise, gathering resources and caring for pets as normal Eorzea citizens do.


As usual, bug fixes and gameplay balances will also accompany these massive changes in the game, as big updates tend to create conflicts around the current gameplay mechanics.


Dubbed Buried Memory, hopefully Patch 6.2 paves the way for new narratives to be told in FF14, sparking players to come back in droves to drive the game back to its former glory!


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