Final Fantasy 14: Patch 6.28

U7BUY is your best choice to buy Final Fantasy Gils, we offer you fast delivery. Final Fantasy 14 dropped patch 6.28, which offered the data center to North America and some quest adjustments, mostly within the physical and caster roles. The new patch came out two weeks after Patch 6.25.


The new patch comes after a lot of new content has been added to the game. Patch 6.25 added new quests, and a new Option and Criterion dungeon called the Sil’din Dungeon. The dungeon is made for both single players and multiple players. Patch 6.28 also completes the 6.2 patch series as the next scheduled update will be 6.3. This update is currently expected to roll out in the next few weeks.


The Dynamis data center arrived after months of delay due to a lack of server hardware. Dynamis includes four new servers with patch 6.28, with four more servers to be added later. In keeping with tradition, each name of server is a reference to games in the past. New housing lots on these servers will be ready from November 4 through lottery system.


Outside of the Dynamis datacenter, there have been some adjustments to the missions, mostly in the roles of DPS and casters. Buffs have been given professions such as Warrior and Red Mage. Each buff was a boost to certain actions and was made according to the statement of Naoki Yoshida.


According to him, the adjustments in patch 6.28 were made to shorten the gap between melee DPS and counterparts. As a result of the decisions, Pandaemonium: Abyssos (Savage) was done within 31 hours of its release in a community-organized “race to #1 in the world”.