Final Fantasy XIV: Campaign to Reinstate Inactive Accounts for Free

U7BUY offers you best Final Fantasy Gils with fast delivery and lowest prices. Final Fantasy XIV is currently hosting a free promo where inactive players can return to Eorzea until December 16th. If you have an account and own the game, but have been off the game for at least a month, you have the right to return to the game during this promo to rejoin the game and find out what’s new, you can access 4 days of play for free.


So you can jump into the game during the promo, which runs until Friday, December 16. When you enter the game, the countdown will begin and the free game will begin. It will end at 11:59 PM PT on the fourth day. If you want to make the most of your free time, you should log in and play ASAP.


There are rules, including what will happen when you have multiple accounts and what they are subscribed to, you may not be able to participate in the promo. As a result, they are trying to encourage people to get back to paid subscriptions, so if you renew your subscription, you won’t get any extra time if your free days haven’t ended yet.


However, the FFXIV team hasn’t been offering free access to inactive players for a while now, so if you’ve been on the sidelines during the huge queues and want to see some of the additions like the expansion of the debt system. The last ‘Letter from the Producer’ stream was just recently and while the next major patch, the 6.3x series, won’t be released until January.