Final Fantasy 14: Potential exploitable bug

Buy FF 14 Gils from U7BUY if you want cheap FFXIV Gils! Some Final Fantasy 14 players have found a potential bug that can be exploited in combat while playing as a Warrior. While the bug proved difficult to reproduce, players could confirm reports of it and posted their findings on Reddit as a warning to other Final Fantasy 14 players to pay attention to.


There’s no doubt that taking advantage of any kind of bug or exploit to get an upper hand in most games is a serious offense in most online games, and Final Fantasy 14 is no exception in this regard. While Final Fantasy 14 doesn’t use the sophisticated anti-bot system of other games, Square Enix tracks down players who use exploits without punishing them. Moreover, they could hold it against any player who takes the advantage of a bug for personal gain or to greatly influence the outcome of a fight. Punishment can be something from a warning or a permanent ban on the use of the account.


Reddit user DeathOfTheHeavens said that he found the bug during standard gameplay. They subsequently reproduced it during training on a shock dummy and then filed a bug directly with Square Enix using the in-game bug report form. As a tank, the warrior profession is infamous for its ability to self-heal, using abilities such as Bloodshed, Shake It Up, and Battle Thrill to do so. Since the release of Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.3, Shake It Off has received an additional Healing Over Time buff to enhance its abilities.