Final Fantasy XVI – More Details About Endwalker Have Emerged

Final Fantasy XVI Fan Fest 2021 revealed more about the upcoming expansion Endwalker. We knew that the expansion was coming towards the end of the year but now we have a date. Final Fantasy XVI Endwalker will be released on November 23rd. The expansion is available in normal and collector’s physical and digital editions. Should you pre-order any version, you…
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Final Fantasy XIV: Patch 5.5 Death Unto Dawn Has Arrived

Final Fantasy XIV has made one step closer towards the expansion that will be released in Fall 2021. Patch 5.5 Death Unto Dawn is a major content update that prepares the game for Endwalker. New quests and more have been added.   Final Fantasy XIV Death Unto Dawn Content Updates   The main Shadowbringers story continues with new main scenario…
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Final Fantasy XIV: Patch 5.41: What is new?

As a reminder, the Ishgardian Restoration was introduced as a follow up to the Dragonsong War. The Houses of Lords and Commons had approved a huge reconstruction project that aimed to bring new life to the Holy See of Ishgard. In-game, the project is overseen by Lord Francel of House Haillenarte. Players seek to reconstruct the Firmament district after it…
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