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The Ultimate Guide to Final Fantasy 14’s Gold Saucer

U7BUY offers cheap FF 14 Gils, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution to bolster your in-game progression and acquire valuable resources in the vast world of Eorzea! Final Fantasy 14’s Gold Saucer is a beloved and iconic location within the game that offers a variety of exciting activities and mini-games for players to enjoy. From Chocobo Racing to Triple Triad,…
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Final Fantasy 14: Patch 6.28

U7BUY is your best choice to buy Final Fantasy Gils, we offer you fast delivery. Final Fantasy 14 dropped patch 6.28, which offered the data center to North America and some quest adjustments, mostly within the physical and caster roles. The new patch came out two weeks after Patch 6.25.   The new patch comes after a lot of new content has been added to the…
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FFXIV: Black Mage

Before we start, you should check out best FFXIV Gil deals on U7BUY. A strong set of attacks with multiple enemies that was already strong before he was enhanced in Endwalker, making it a great choice for destroying mobs in dungeons. That’s not to say it doesn’t have a reputation, it’s considered mystical. The long spell time of each attack makes it especially difficult for new…
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