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FFXIV: Black Mage

Before we start, you should check out best FFXIV Gil deals on U7BUY. A strong set of attacks with multiple enemies that was already strong before he was enhanced in Endwalker, making it a great choice for destroying mobs in dungeons. That’s not to say it doesn’t have a reputation, it’s considered mystical. The long spell time of each attack makes it especially difficult for new…
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Final Fantasy XIV: Patch 5.41: What is new?

As a reminder, the Ishgardian Restoration was introduced as a follow up to the Dragonsong War. The Houses of Lords and Commons had approved a huge reconstruction project that aimed to bring new life to the Holy See of Ishgard. In-game, the project is overseen by Lord Francel of House Haillenarte. Players seek to reconstruct the Firmament district after it…
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Final Fantasy XIV – Changes Coming To Tomestones In Patch 5.4


Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.4 comes December 2020. It brings a series of changes including tomestone currency updates. Starting with Patch 5.4, we will have a new currency called Allagan tomestones of revelation. This is a max level currency. You will need a level 80 character to start receiving it. Players can start earning as many Allagan Tomestones of Allegory…
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